Sustainable gold and silver

Precious metals recovered from old mobile phones and cinema film. Collected and recycled in Russia
Recycled gold
A dramatic transformation of an old mobile phone
We collect old mobile phones, computers, laptops and even SIM-cards all over Russia
We carefully disassemble scrap electronics to prepare it for recycling
We use hydrometallurgy to extract the thin layer of gold and recover other metals
Recycled silver
Old cinema classics and X-ray films the way you have never seen it
We collects X-ray films from hospitals and ruined films from cinema archives
Files go through a shedder and dive in a bath with bacteria to separate PET from silver
We use electrolysis to recover pure silver. Normally it becomes jewelry
About the recycler
Megapolis Resource group:

- since 2004
- based in Chelyabinsk, Russia
- national operator for collection and recycling of e-waste and waste containing precious metals
- recycles 200 000 kg of waste a month
- Russia's first battery recycling facility
- clients: IKEA, Media Markt, Globus, etc.

Alyona Yuzefovich
+7 905 597 94 42
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